image_11Nicholas Boaz Greenwood

(May 17, 2002 – May 22, 2008)

Nicholas was born as the third boy in the Greenwood family, later he would find his place in the family as number three out of five children. Nicholas had three brothers and one sister. Having two older brothers, Nicholas grew up very quickly. He studied every move his brothers made and in short time he would take it to a whole new level. Nicholas was a little superstar, shining in any sport he tried. He was truly gifted as an athlete and all the tools were there; quickness, agility, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, and a mind that absorbed learned skills. Most of all, Nicholas had the heart of a warrior, and a humble attitude that traveled with him on and off the field or mat. Nicholas won a great number of wrestling matches in his short six years, but also lost a few. Win or lose Nicholas would walk off the mat as humbly as he walked on, displaying a great amount of respect for the sport and competitor. If you could only use one word to describe Nicholas, you would have to use grit. Nicholas had grit, a toughness that wouldn’t quit and an attitude that was always trying to improve. His talent was easy to spot in any sport and he always drew a crowd that would watch in awe as he showed off his skills and determination. Whether it was throwing the ball in the back yard, playing tag, dancing with his sister, racing to the bus stop, or fighting behind the barn, Nicholas was a joy to watch. Even though Nicholas had both speed and endurance, he ran his life as a sprint, always hard and fast, with a big laugh and a beautiful smile. He lived as though he knew life for him was short; playing, loving and living every moment to its fullest. This little boy, that was also known as Boogie, Boog, Niko, Nick, Niki, and Rapid Roy, will always be remembered through GRIT Athletics Inc., the company and attitude he inspired.