The GRIT Athletics Wrestling Club is a progressive approach to the training of wrestling techniques, applying sports conditioning, teaching respect, learning to live big dreams, set goals and live a life of GRIT (Grace, Righteousness, Intensity and Toughness).

We have four different skill levels and three different wrestling styles (Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco-roman) available to young athletes of the GRIT Athletics Wrestling Club. Through years of competing and coaching wrestlers of many different age groups and levels, we have come to develop the GRIT philosophy towards youth wrestling. GRIT offers these varieties to assist the young wrestler in developing confidence in himself as he learns this great sport. It is our belief that more often than not our young boys/girls are thrown to the wolves earlier than needed in youth sports. Where this might not be too harsh in more gentle sports, in wrestling it can be devastating. We encourage parents to let their children get a taste of the sport in a controlled, safe and fun atmosphere. Our youngsters only wrestler for one hour twice a week; outside of that, we hope the boys/girls are spending time digging in the dirt, playing cowboys, and going on great adventures. Although athletics plays a big role in the development of young children, they can also cause children to lose confidence and shy away from what could be great opportunities to come in the future. Many children will try this sport at a young age and then move on to other sports, hopefully with a new found confidence and greater body control than they had before.

For those who choose to pursue the sport further, GRIT has higher levels of training that will fill their appetites for the sport. Our goal for the young wrestler is that he would be excited about the sport for his middle school and high school years. Slowly increasing the time on the mat and the intensity of practice and competition, the GRIT wrestler will strive to peak during his high school and college years and find success in reaching his dreams.

Freestyle & Greco

Freestyle and Greco are the types of wrestling styles used in Olympic and International competitions. Rules and scoring differ from Folkstyle wrestling. However, the techniques learned only enhances your overall wrestling skills.
Our Freestyle and Greco programs are designed for two different groups: Youth/Middle School  – ages 7-12, and High School – 13-18 years old. Our Freestyle and Greco coaches are Bill Greenwood, Cole Zempel, Matt Macguire, and Zach Kintzley all of whom are seasoned GRIT coaches.


Folkstyle wrestling is also known as Collegiate style wrestling is exclusive to the U.S. This style of wrestling is what school-age kids from ages five through college programs will compete in.