Erick Gomez

Erick GomezAs a native of this area, I feel very fortunate to be involved with this wrestling program. My wife, Katie and I are both graduates of Loveland High School where I ended my wrestling career with a state championship. I have always believed that I was a product of the community that I grew up in and I am happy now to continue on with this tradition. GRIT’s philosophy to develop excellent athletic skills and great moral character is one that I wholeheartedly support.

To this day, I continue to utilize the experience I gained and the lessons I learned while wrestling, in my personal and professional life. The G-R-I-T I developed as a wrestler transferred easily into my professional career. After high school, I graduated with a double major in Spanish and Exercise and Health Science from CSU and am now employed by North Colorado Medical Center as a Registered Nurse. More importantly, wrestling has become a big influence in my family life. Much of this means wrangling our 3 kids: Zac, Elena, and Camila. I am excited to be on the mat again with GRIT wrestling.

Coaching: GRIT Athletics Assistant Coach since 2013