olympic dreams

The GRIT Olympic Dreams program is designed to support the serious wrestler; progressing from middle school, high school, university, and senior level competition.  The wrestlers in the most advanced level give back to the progressive program by coaching and mentoring the wrestlers that are in the level beneath them.  This program supports those wrestlers who have their dreams and goals set high.  The GRIT Olympic Dreams program is not only sending wrestlers around the state, but around the nation, and all around the world!

Clayton Foster

Clayton Foster heads up our Olympic Dreams program.  Clayton serves as a senior level freestyle wrestler for GRIT Athletics Wrestling Club and Cowboy Wrestling Club, and as our Freestyle and Grinders wrestling coach.  GRIT is proud to be represented both nationally and internationally by Clayton.  As Clayton chases his dreams of World and Olympic championships, hi is planting seeds of hope and inspiring the GRIT wrestlers to shoot for the stars!  Clayton is a full time resident at the Wyoming Regional Training Center in Laramie, Wyoming.  Clayton brings his Oklahoma State style and international experience to the GRIT room; sets us apart from many other clubs

The Olympic Dreams Program may start with Clayton but spreads throughout all ages of the GRIT wrestlers.  Young wrestlers, with big dreams, traveling far and wide across the U.S.; chasing their dreams and learning to live their lives with GRIT.