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Hey GRIT Family!

We have gotten off to a tremendous start to the running club this year. All of the athletes are showing GRIT, and that inspires the coaches to respond with equal amounts of grace, righteousness, intensity, and toughness.

This post is to tell you all about an exciting, new plan we have to build our community and build up our athletes as we work to give our best in practice, competition, and in life. This summer, we will be spotlighting runners each week who have shown GRIT in practice or in a race! We will be looking for athletes who go out of their way to encourage teammates, push themselves to the limit, or show maturity in faith and attitude. We will get to hear what they have learned about applying GRIT to their lives and give our website more of a “family feel”! We know their wisdom and insight will amaze us!

We can’t wait to continue on this journey of GRIT and being ambassadors for Christ together!

Trail Run – Spring Canyon Park (6/21/2012)

The Introductory GRIT runners and coaches at the top of our toughest hill at Spring Canyon!

Starting the climb…

Who’s Got GRIT?

Name: Blake Hubert

Age: 12

School: Preston Middle

How he shows GRIT: Whenever I feel tired, I look at something 15 meters ahead of me and surge. it keeps me from walking and keeps me pushing forward.

Why he was chosen: Blake showed an incredible amount of intensity and toughness on our out-and-back today. Despite the intense sun and tougher terrain, Blake never settled into an easy pace, pushing himself even when he left Coach Zach in the dust!

Name: James Bleavins

Age: 8

School: St. Joseph

What he told himself at the end of the run: “I’m gonna kick it in strong”

His mentality on trail runs: “I’m gonna go harder because it will feel better at the top!”

Why he was chosen: After 25 minutes on the trails, James looked spent. However, he responded to the coaches’ challenge to finish strong and channeled the rest of his energy to surge to the finish. James set an incredible example of what is possible when we break through our “pain thresholds” and discover a whole new gear that we can use on our runs and in life!

Ladder Workout – CSU Track (6/26/2012)

This was our second workout of the summer. Both the Progressive and Introductory runners were challenged to “go up a ladder” and back down if they felt they had more to give. Hot temperatures were made bearable by sprinklers conveniently spraying the track. Many of the runners showed incredible GRIT and determination as they finished with an all-out 200 meter sprint, but two stood out:

Who’s Got GRIT?

Name: Brody Lamb

Brody smiling after his workout

Age: 12

School: Wellington Middle

What he told himself when the workout got hard: “Cake and ice cream”

What he has learned from GRIT Running Club: “If you work hard and push yourself, you will get better and succeed.”

Why he was chosen: Brody set himself apart from the crowd today as he never once doubted his ability to keep pushing on every repetition and to maintain a steady pace. While Brody could have easily complained about the heat or the length of the workout, Brody never once wavered from his righteous attitude and averaged about 7:10 pace for the whole workout, plus a blazing 200 at the end!

Name: Thea Bekkedahl

Age: 9

School: Home-schooled

What she thought about when the workout got hard: Tarragon (her horse)

What she has learned from GRIT Running Club: “Toughness and patience. They help me work hard and improve in riding, running, and life. I also run for GRIT with my brother (Niko), and I have learned how to cheer for him and help him.”

Why she was chosen: If you see Thea’s smile while she’s running, you’d never think she was actually powering through a 4 mile run or long track workout. Today was no different, as Thea’s attitude carried her up and down the ladder with impressive speed. Thea constantly encouraged her teammates between repetitions and reminded others of God’s grace when they were discouraged or tired.


Trail Run – Hughes Stadium and Horsetooth (6/28/2012)

Who’s Got GRIT?

Name: Patrick

Age: 13

School: Liberty Middle

How he will use what he’s learned from GRIT in Switzerland: “I am going to be doing a lot of running and biking in the Alps: You’ve got to keep going up and pushing forward, otherwise you’re not going to make it!”

Frank, James, and Holly Bleavins hydrating after their run to the Aggie “A”

Names: Holly and Frank Bleavins

Ages: 7 and 11

School: St. Joseph

GRIT Tips from Holly and Frank: Push hard, and you end up going much faster than you ever would have expected. When I was close to the top, I knew I could make it, and I knew I could push myself downhill. I wanted to push it to make my dad proud!

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