Freestyle & Greco 2018

Freestyle & Greco gritrillaLocation: 846 SE Frontage Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80524

High School Ages 14-18
Registration Open!

Required: 2 years HS wrestling and/or minimum 4 total years of wrestling
This is not a beginner wrestler environment.

Monday,Wednesday & Thursday
6:30 – 8:30 pm
March 12 – June 28
Monday and Wednesday Only – March 13th – March 29th
(Online monthly Payments available)


Grade School / Middle School Ages 7-13
Registration Open!

Monday & Wednesday
Time: 5:00 – 6:30
 April 2 – May 30
(Online monthly payments available)

No Refund Policy! Payment is made for the entire session; not individual practices

(Full) USA Wrestling Card Required  
Additional fees apply for wrestling tournaments.

Schedule may change due to class size.

Contact Bill Greenwood for class placement 970-219-6215

Missed classes can not be made up!  No refund or prorate for session.

High School
Ages 14-18

Limited Availability

Grade School / Middle School Ages 7-13

Limited Availability





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